I’m Maryam Webster, a Creative Copywriter, producing engaging, conversion-focused content for businesses and entrepreneurs who are healing, helping and making the world a better place. If you want to hire a copywriter to help your site rank higher and attract even more business and sales, you’re in the right place

I also have a long-running practice as a Business Coach and Energy Healer. I also codified the profession of Energy Coaching in 2001 and am the originator of the Certified Energy Coach Program.

You can find out more about my Magical Blend here. If you’re interested in having an experienced copywriter light up your website, articles and other copy get in touch.

Also…I’m not just a copywriter, but one with extra Super Powers! I also use the same kind of “quantum leap” personal and history change processes with my copywriting clients as I taught my Certified Energy Coaches. These short but powerful pieces of inner work help clarify and hone your message, and increase the success rate of the piece I’m writing. As a bonus, you get to keep the increase in your success in other areas of life too – the Inner Work I do with you is deeply beneficial and far-reaching.

It helps you become the amazing Avatar of Awesome you were born to be, and dissolves eons of conditioning. What you’ll be able to achieve is literally unlimited.

Plus, we have fun. I won’t play if it isn’t fun. And play! Working with me is a lot like play, folks say. And by playing, you create the future in the present.

I work with people and companies who are here to cheer, brighten, evolve and expand the human spirit sustainably, with kindness and care for this precious planet we live on.

Today, I help acupuncture clinics, psychotherapists and counselors, professional groups, spiritual teachers and healers, life and business coaches, authors, retreat leaders and social justice movements and companies who need:

…a vision expressed so beautifully, that a desired action is taken.

I can help you clarify and write the story of your passion, your business, or your life in a way that:

  • Sounds just like you talking
  • Inspires, informs and guides your readers to take desired actions
    (click a button, download a report, buy a product, etc)
  • Incorporates organic SEO – search engine optimization – in a natural voice
    (magnetism that boosts your page in search ratings)
  • Highlights the benefits of your product, class, workshop or retreat, etc. in ways your Perfect Clients and Customers find soothing and helpful. (never pushy or hard-sales), leading to more sales
  • Positions your entire business as the solution to their problems
  • Leaves the world a better place for the light and love you bring to it

If you have a lackluster website, or a brochure that doesn’t really describe you, or need a sales page, letter or email sequence written or tweaked, I’m your Wordsmith. I’ll hammer out the kinks and knotty bits, smooth over rough passages, make sure you are communicating clearly and targeting the right people for what you are offering.

Will You be the Next to take a Quantum Leap with me?

My Dream Clients are heart-centered and mission-driven business owners who live the Change they want to see in the world and uplift others as a matter of course. If this is you, we can work together in several ways:

  1. Website Rebrand/Refresh
    a) Your About page
    b) Your Bio page
    c) Your Sales copy
  2. Important Letters that need to be worded just right
  3. Sales pages that ethically inspire, inform and sell
  4. Heart-centered articles for your website, blog, magazine or professional publication
  5. Editing previous work for publication
  6. Authentic and inspiring biographies that portray your True Spirit & Mythic Journey
  7. Course Authoring to teach deeply

Let’s get your Bright Beauty out into the world in a way that really makes a difference and leaves people better, healthier, happier and thriving! The first step is to schedule a chat with me here to lay out your concerns and get started working on a solution: