These are words from kind folks I’ve worked for in the past, who valued my abilities to tease out their core messages and write marketing and sales copy, author courses and optimize learning systems, write letters, books, articles and other word magic.

Tina Forsyth, Business Scalability & Sanity Strategist, Developer of the Certified Online Business Manager program

“I have to admit, I never wanted to hire a copywriter because I’m so darn picky. I have a specific voice in my writing and I HATE overly ‘promoey’ marketing language that so many copywriters employ (gag.) BUT I found myself needing to create a sales letter for a new program and not having the time or energy to get it done myself.

So I reached out to Maryam and hot damn – she knocked my socks off!

I was on a relatively tight timeline and she was willing to jump in with me to make it happen quickly. After just one call she totally got my voice – my vibe – and understood deeply the message I was wanting to share which she turned into a brilliant piece of copy.

Maryam’s writing gift, combined with a deep understanding of the industry, makes her one of those rare people who don’t just write copy, but who create words that matter and speak to the soul of the person they are intended to serve.

I can’t wait to cook up more projects together and highly recommend Maryam for any project big or small!


Tabitha Jester, Primal Pleasure Priestess and mentor had this to say of our beautiful work together:

“I came to Maryam stuck and unsure about my marketing plan and sales pages, seeking clarity on my offer and marketing copy. Am I ever glad I did! Mentoring with Maryam has been fantastic for really getting my magic happening – I DEFINITELY recommend her!”

Drs Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, authors of Golden Anniversaries. Charles was Dean of my department at University and mentored me as I matriculated through grad school. He and Elizabeth kindly wrote a testimonial for my book Everyday Bliss For Busy Women. From the page:Testimonial for Maryam Webster's "Everyday Bliss for Busy Women" from Drs. Charles & Liz Schmitz

Dr. Fred Gallo is one of the creators of energy psychology on the bleeding edge of the human potential movement. His work defined deep reversal patterns and how to fix them. He is a past President of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the author of numerous valuable books and research on how to help people feel completely well and healthy.

This testimonial is for my book Everyday Bliss for Busy Women, from its page at Amazon:

Publisher Ron Ball

This testimonial is for my book Everyday Bliss for Busy Women, from its page at Amazon by Inroads publisher, Ron Ball. Inroads published a related book, Freedom At Your Fingertips on the EFT Tapping technique. I was a featured author, writing the coaching chapter on overcoming and Blockages and Obstacles in life and business.

Gloria Arenson – Multiply-published author, past President of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and trauma therapist working with armed service Veterans, wrote the sweetest letter recommending me to her colleagues