I Trained 20+ Years Just to Meet You

You have a mad passion for helping others. You roll heart-first in your business and transformative, love-based offerings are your go-to. You’re energized around your Great Work, need to get your message out clearly, and want to change the world for the better. But...there's stuff in the way. Like how the heck are you supposed to know how to write a sales page, or the right Facebook or LinkedIn articles that will attract your tribe?

I get it, and that's why I'm here.

I’ve spent a lifetime in constant training to be the one-stop resource center for business success and powerful personal transformation you need right now. If you need to get your message out and clear personal stuff to do it, let's talk.

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A Safe Place to Heal & Be You

If nobody gets it, as a psychologist, public speaker and published author who literally wrote the book on Everyday Bliss - I get it! It's tough to deal with life and biz problems when you're the business owner people look up to as an example, and you want to present a happy face to the public. But...issues. Everybody has 'em.

Here, there is no judgement, only safe, Sacred Space for you to celebrate the Sacred Myth of You, and go interstellar.

When we work together on crafting the perfect solutions for your business, you can let your hair down and just be you, working in complete confidence with an expert who has a proven track record of helping folks like you to create happy and healthy lives that impact the world. I get you, and I've got your back.

Let's Do This

HeartWritten to Connect Deeply

Over the last two decades, I've been the ghost writer behind magical copy you may have seen that inspires, persuades and has ethically sold products and services for social entrepreneurs, corporations & brick and mortar businesses.

I adore weaving the powerful, magical, HeartWritten story of each business and its owner, shining up the brilliance in coaches, therapists and healers so clients can find & be inspired to hire you.

What clients say they like the most is the way I approach the copy. I write from YOUR Heart, and in YOUR Voice so potential new clients tell you: "Oh my gosh, you SO get me! Yes! Tell me more..."

And voilà! A Dream Client is born.

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Teaching to Transform

Trying to put your Great Work into a course format can be like pulling teeth if you're not a writer and veteran teacher. I've been both for the past thirty years and minored in Curriculum and Instruction.

Course writing for a program, retreat or VIP experience is a specific skill. So is Teaching Deep to inspire a student so effectively they transform before your eyes, integrate the knowledge in their bones, elevate their own life and becoming your raving fan and word-of-mouth advertiser. (Yes!)

Let me help you craft your Great Work Course or package your Brilliance into a Signature Program. Or guide you, in my Expert Incubator, to turn your expertise into gold. The world Needs Your Mojo, right now. Don't wait to Shine!

Craft Your Signature Program

…and our journey from here…

I was born with a magical command of the written word. Working together, I’ll write your business’s accurately targeted story with just the right nuance of emotion, to get a reader to take action. The right, carefully crafted words will encourage readers to click a button, subscribe to your newsletter, buy a product, contact you for consulting, or book you solid.


I also “Write Myth” – literally. We’ll discover the compelling personal story of your life and use it to magnetically attract the right people, who will fall over themselves to work with you.


This journey and story are the Mission and Myth which empowers your Business Brand and everything you do. It’s the foundational piece of your business Marketing that cannot be glossed-over when writing articles, sales copy, or doing any marketing work.


You need to know the DEEP COMPELLING WHY you are in business before any marketing you do can be effective. Together we’ll define your personal brand and mission BEFORE your website copy, social media updates, brochure, package, or programs get written.


Your Why, Mission, and Myth are the secret sauce that powers your success as a business.


Incorporating elements of your Mission and Myth into website and marketing copy is one of the most foolproof ways of getting the word out. Your Dream Clients & Customers will resonate with your Mythic Story, and from it, know that you deeply get, and care about them.


Your brand myth, told with compelling twists, and turns you’ve lived, reveals enough of your magic to excite and inspire. We’ll keep it focused on the rewards they’ll get WHEN they work with you…rewards they can only get BY working with you.


Ready to get started?


Meet the Team

We are few but proud and utterly dependent on yoga, coffee, meditation and love.
Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood

All the Feels & Napping Specialist

My co-pilot, Miss Luna is the heart and soul of the operation, keeping our compass needle constantly pointing to Love and working from a basis of good feelings. She is available for private therapy sessions to VIP Clients needing extra loving energy infused into their projects. Luna is an avid bird watcher, loves her yoga, and believes in the Good in all Beings.

I've been privileged to work with some of the best Thought Leaders, Change Agents and Fine Folks anywhere. Here's some of what they say about our work together.
Tina Forsyth

Tina Forsyth

Scalability with Sanity, OBM Trainer

I had to create a sales letter for a new program and didn't have time or energy. So I reached out to Maryam and hot damn - she knocked my socks off! I was on a tight timeline and she was willing to jump in with me to make it happen quickly. After just one call she totally got my voice - my vibe - and understood deeply the message I was wanting to share which she turned into a brilliant piece of copy.

Maryam's writing gift, combined with a deep understanding of the industry, makes her one of those rare people who don't just write copy but who create words that matter. Words that speak to the soul of the person they are intended to serve.

I can't wait to cook up more projects together and highly recommend her for any project big or small!

Tabitha Jester

Tabitha Jester

Primal Priestess Mentor

I came to Maryam stuck and unsure about my marketing plan and sales pages, seeking clarity on my offer and marketing copy. Am I ever glad I did! Mentoring with Maryam has been fantastic for really getting my magic happening, more clients through the door and media placements I never could have snagged before. I DEFINITELY recommend her!”

Celine Patterson

Celine Patterson

Charity Founder

"Hiring Maryam to coach us through concept to sales copy really paid off! Both our on-webinar and sales page that Maryam wrote, closed 38% more donors than last year, which is an amazing windfall for our group. We will re-hire Maryam indefinitely!"

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